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We brought fresh, made-to-order Dutch stroopwafelsto the San Francisco Bay Area!  But now it's time to rest.

The Stroopie Gourmet is not taking orders or serving at this time.

Who are we?

Lily grew up in the restaurant business created by her family in Wisconsin & Indiana.  Todd learned to cook at age 8 in North Carolina. They both share a passion for food as an experience, not just a meal.  Their first time eating a fresh stroopwafel together was incredible to them and now they want to be part of that experience for anyone who shares their passion for delicious food.

Our Mission

We spent 4 years bringing a traditional Dutch treat, called stroopwafels,​ to the San Francisco Bay Area.  We thought this delicious caramel filled cookie had been absent (in its freshest form) on the West Coast far too long and we were the ones to bring some sweetness home!

We always strived to bring consistent quality, friendly service and original flavors to everyone we serve!  See all the places we served by clicking HERE.


(Click to hear the proper way to say STROOPWAFEL!)

Our Offering

We offered not only the traditional caramel-filled thin wafers, but also a variety of small batch gourmet jam fillings like Blackberry Greengage, Strawberry Apple Butter, Black Mission Fig and special versions for adults like Fireball Whiskey and Chambord infused caramels.  Our test kitchen worked hard to create a wonderful experience for your taste buds!  When possible, we also offered fresh brewed or iced coffee & Carolina Sweet Tea that perfectly complimented our delicious cookies. 


Yes, it's sad we can no longer offer such delicious treats to our fans and newbies.  We'll always remember the awesome times we spent slingling sugar!

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