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photo of Todd and Lily
Photo of the stroopwafels Todd brought back from Amsterdam

Who we are

Like many travelers, their stroopwafel experience began in Amsterdam.​

Lily begged Todd to bring home a package of stroopwafels on his way back from his first Holland trip. She had eaten them years earlier and had been craving them for quite some time. (Stroopwafel dealers at the time just weren't as prevalent; she relied on traveling friends to bring these back to her as a souvenir.) Todd had never heard of stroopwafels but set out on, what was to turn into, a 6-hour quest all over Amsterdam to retrieve the gooey treats. By the end of the day, the best he could find was a fine selection of Belgian waffles (which are good . . . just not the same) covered in various chocolates and sprinkles.  After emailing a picture of his spoils to confirm his conquest, he quickly discovered . . . he had a lot to learn about stroopwafels. 

The funny thing is, after a quick Google search to identify a proper stroopie, Todd found that the tiny bakery RIGHT NEXT DOOR to his hostel made FRESH stroopwafels.  Three months later he took Lily back to the same shop so she could experience her first fresh stroopie.  They fell in love all over again - this time, with the sweet Dutch stroopwafel the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

In 2012, Todd and Lily set out to bring that experience to the San Francisco Bay Area, as they had grown tired of waiting for the treat to come here on its own.

The Stroopie Gourmet made it possible to find fresh, hot stroopwafels at local farmers' market, food festivals and other events around the San Francisco Bay Area, and even as far out as Paso Robles and Grass Valley.


We stopped serving in 2016 and officially retired The Stroopie Gourmet in 2017.

"We loved getting to meeting you!"

~  Todd  &  Lily ~

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