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Food Grade Silicone Molds

- USES -


Whiskey Rounders, Ice Marbles, Ice Sculptures, Fruit-filled Ice Chillers, Chocolate, Sugar Candy Spheres, Gigantic Monster Eyes, Gelatin and Icing Floral Displays, Half Dome Cakes, Perfect Rice Balls, Poached Egg Half Domes, Non-Food Related Spheres.



- Two part design that separates into two complete halves

- Makes 2.2" balls of whatever you decide to put in them

- Reinforced and flattened base on the bottom side

- FDA approved food grade silicone molds

- Ice Expansion/Pour Hole on top side

- Microwave and dishwasher safe

- Interior dimension - 6cm (2.2")

- Can withstand -40ºF to 450ºF

- Perfectly round on the inside

- Weight - 132g (4 5/8 oz)

- Snug fit, no leaks

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Bay Area Teacher Discounts

If you're a teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area and you think these Silicone Ball Molds could be useful in your classroom, then contact us using this form and we'll send you the discount code for up to 18% more savings!

(You will be contacted for proof of employment. Name, email or credentials will never be shared, or used in any other way, except to provide discounts.)

Thank you for submitting your discount request. We'll contact you shortly for proof of employment and then send your code!

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